Call for Idea Proposals August 2019
Before filling in the form, please read our guide on the Call for Idea Proposals for more detailed information on the application process and what it means to be a pilot:

You can download this form as a Word document to draft your proposal:

Use the following form to submit your proposal for a novel idea on online/blended learning.
The best and most innovative ideas will be selected to become pilots in Aalto Online Learning coaching network. After the selection phase we will discuss different funding possibilities to allow you to fully concentrate on realising your ideas.

Answer the questions the best you can at this point. You can answer the questions in both Finnish and English. If you already have a concrete plan for realising your idea (including f.e. specific technologies and budget), also fill in the questions in section 3.

The submission deadline for idea proposals is August 21st 2019, at noon. All submitted idea proposals are checked and evaluated by our coordination group before they get accepted. This process may take up to 2 months.

Note: While several questions below use the term "course" for simplicity, we encourage you to interpret the term in the context of the targeted educational activity.
Section 1 - General information
Name of the idea *
Name of the idea proposer *
Idea proposer and her/his role/title etc.
Email address of the idea proposer *
Section 2 – Idea Proposal
Which department/school/unit the idea is related to? *
If the idea proposal concerns several units or the whole university, include all units.
Who is the target of your idea? *
Please select the two most important ones
Describe the course / educational activity / digital service you want to improve/develop.
Explain the current situation (types of teaching, teaching material and which part of it is online material) and also mention specific problems that you are seeking to solve through your idea.
Explain your deliverables or goal state - describe what you will create or how teaching and learning will be done when the idea is implemented.
What are the main innovations? How will your idea improve learning and/or activities by the teacher/student?
What kinds of activities are you planning to develop?
Provide more details about the activities you are planning to develop *
Also describe how you are planning to evaluate the impact of the activities.
What criteria do you intend to use to measure the success of the pilot and its effect to teaching and learning?
Which pedagogical methods do you plan to use within the idea?
What kind of technical, design or pedagogical support (or else) will you need to realise the idea? *
Describe the timeline of your idea. *
E.g.: 02/2019 Detailed specification of the idea, 04/2019 Evaluation of the idea with stakeholders etc.
List the people participating in the realisation of your idea and their roles: *
If the people are not yet known, please use N.N and give the planned role (teaching assistant, researcher, master's thesis worker, student, …)
Do you have collaboration partners that can help realise your idea or benefit from it? If yes, briefly describe who and how they can help you or benefit from your idea. *
Are you planning to have students participate in designing or implementing your idea and in what way?
Example: commenting on the design, contributing to producing new content, etc.
How can the implementation of the idea change the online learning culture of the associated school/department/unit in the future? *
Are you planning to make your course/material openly accessible later on (e.g. through a MOOC)? *
How can making the course/materials openly accessible benefit lifelong learners (such as our alumni, other professionals, high school students or elderly)?
Section 3 – Further information about complete proposals
If you already have a concrete plan for realising your idea (including f.e. specific technologies and budget), also fill in the following questions.
Provide links to prototypes or examples of existing projects that can showcase the expected outcomes of your idea.
Do you have existing knowledge about online materials or tools that you can directly apply in your idea?
Or if not, how are you going to acquire this knowledge?
Which technologies (platforms, softwares etc.) are you planning to use?
Also explain why you choose those specifically.
Are you planning to collaborate with existing Aalto Online Learning pilots? If yes, with which ones?
Check the list of previous and current Aalto Online Learning pilots on our website:
Describe your estimated budget and explain the expenses.
If your idea proposal includes making videos, you do not have to budget the direct video production costs, such as cameraman, cutting, editing etc.. In that case, you can just type "video production costs". However, other costs related to the pilot, such as salaries of project employees, need to be budgeted, estimates given here and explained.
Section 4
I understand that by getting accepted as a pilot, I am required to share my progress by filling in a wiki page, present my results at the yearly Learning@Aalto Gala and report the results of the pilot. *
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