InterBlogCon: Teachers Application
Thanks for your interest in InterBlogCon! Please read ALL of the information with each question. Some of your questions might have answers there!
This is a little long, but bear with me!
If you have any remaining questions, please email me (
All teachers will be accepted unless you don't reply or don't keep me in the loop.

Here's the basics on InterBlogCon. It stands for International Blogger Convention.
It's a two-day blogger convention for anyone who wants to attend. It will happen on July 16-17. It will happen on a Saturday and Sunday. There will be there categories: book bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagramers. It will happen during 9:30 am to 3pm EST on Saturday. On Sunday, the con is from 7:30 am to 12 pm EST. There are nine blocks total. Therefore, you can attend nine classes total during the whole event. That doesn't mean you can't jump in and out of classes if you'd like, but please note that we don't advise this.
The hope for this event is for people to meet new people and learn new things.
Anyone can teach, and anyone can attend.

What's your name? *
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What's your email? *
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Do you have a Google account? *
It's okay if you don't. We can make you a temporary teacher account. We're using Google Products to conduct the classes, so it'd be better if you have a Google account.
If you said yes to the previous question, please put your Gmail below.
If it's the same as your email, just type it in again.
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What time zone are you in? *
Please put a time zone not a time. I need to know, again for scheduling, and to find what block is best for you. If you don't want to disclose this now, please email it to me.
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Are you a book blogger, booktuber, or bookstagramer? *
You don't have to be one. It would be helpful if you were.
If you are a book blogger/tuber/stagramer (It's tiring to type them all out), what is your link? *
Or if you put reviews on any review site, you can put that link too! If you don't have a link, that's fine. You can put N/A
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What category would you teach in? *
There are many sub-categories within the main three, but I need to know which chat you'd fit in. If you're a bookblr, I'd like for you to put book blogging as your category.
Any thoughts on your topic? *
These don't need to be decided now! If you don't have a clue, put N/A. If you don't know, we can work together to create a class idea. There will be a deadline for class creation closer to July.
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When would you like your class to be? *
There are two days and four blocks per day. Classes start at 8 am EST, and they are all an hour. If your class NEEDS to be longer, please mention that. (Aka participants can attend at max four classes a day.) Right now, there is no date, but it will be a Saturday and Sunday. If you like, you can put more than one block as your time if you're not sure if you'll be available.
Will your class be one hour? *
It's alright if it isn't, but I need to know soon enough to make a schedule. If you don't know how, that's fine.
Are you attending InterBlogCon? *
It's fine if you are! I just want to know, so we can work with scheduling.
Will you be helping out as a moderator/host/promoter/graphic designer? *
Don't worry if you aren't.
If you said yes to the previous question, please put which position you will be filling.
Have you used any of these systems before? *
If you've used more than one, please say so! I need to know to choose which system to use the convention.
Any other things I need to know/questions you have?
You can ask questions here, and I'll do my best to answer them!
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