“The evolution of International Standards for glass processing machinery” (3rd October, 10.30 a.m. - Meeting Area, Pavilion 5, Stand V21-Z30 - Vitrum 2019)
Globalization of the markets has led machinery manufacturers to view the world as a single marketing area for their products.

At a regulatory level, globalization does not always keep pace with the companies and markets.

Therefore, the national standards issued by the Authorities and different National Regulatory Entities may not always match those of other countries.

These discrepancies have often required machine manufacturers to design, produce and market machines with safety systems that differ from country to country.

Since the health and safety of machine operators and all the other people exposed to the machines must be considered as an absolute priority around the world, there have been more and more frequent attempts to promote standards at the European (EN) or even international (ISO) levels that can ensure a certain “harmonization” of standards.

In view of these requirements, the machinery manufacturing sector also deems it necessary to update the standards, outdated and obsoleted by today’s technology, and bring them up to the international ISO level. A fitting example and an aspect that certainly deserves careful consideration, followed by specific revision of the standard or at the very least guidelines to ensure a proper and failsafe approach, is anything pertaining to the latest machine and internet interaction modes. The importance of this aspect is in fact growing not only with regard to machines efficiency and safety profiles, but also and above all with regard to protecting all information (some of which pertains to industrial property rights and know-how) and data that are more and more critical to business success.

The final objective is to allow machine manufacturers to produce standard models that are safer for operators and the entire community without failing to consider the existence of complex markets (such as the USA), where even a European standard, as effectively harmonized by all States as it might be, would not suffice to ensure a marketing approach free of risks and pitfalls. In fact, right now Italian machine manufacturers in compliance with national and European reference standards cannot be assumed to automatically comply with the standards of all American States and the US Federal government.
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