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<> Cohort does not follow 100-Day rules, but has different accountability guidelines that are specific to this program. Please see the dropdown below for assistance in determining correct Cohort accountability.

<> Only Primary (P) enrollments in Infinite Campus (IC) are used in Cohort calculations. Partial (S) and Special Ed Only (N) enrollments are not included, nor are enrollments which are marked as State Exclude in IC.

<> OAA typically pulls Cohort information from IC once per month, since some of it is prior year data. In SDRR, you can see the date that the data was last updated as well as the next planned update date on the front page of the Cohort section. Changes that are made in IC on or after the last updated date will not appear in SDRR until the data is refreshed.

<> Use the reports available in IC to ensure high quality student data, which will then show in the Cohort data. Information about these is available at

<> In the spring and summer, Cohort information is available for review in SDRR, and changes can be made in Infinite Campus to correct student information as needed. It is not possible to create tickets to request changes in SDRR until the data review periods in the fall. If IC is correct, few changes should be needed in the fall.

Information about the Cohort Graduation Rate can be found at

Please also review the Cohort Frequently Asked Questions in the Help button within SDRR. Many common questions are answered there. If you can think of a scenario that should be included in this tool or in the FAQs, please send an email to

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