Pebbles Lacasse Street Team Form
As a bonus for joining my street team, all members will receive an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the book(s) you’ll be promoting, so you can read and review before and after the book is released.

Those who promote the most while tagging me, will be entered to win a signed paperback copy of the book(s) releasing, or other book paraphernalia.

I’m going to create a Messenger chat where we’ll be able to access each other easier. I’m going to wing it with the content, but you’ll be the first to hear of coming releases, contests, book covers, etc.

Since this street team idea is new to me, there will be mistakes made, so please bear with me while I figure it out as I go. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears!

As a street team member, you’ll boast my book(s) all over your social media and any EROTIC ROMANCE, BDSM, and any other pages you see fit for the genre (do not post on sites not suited for the erotic romance genre).

Don’t worry, I won’t expect you to make your own posts, but you’re welcome to. Several posts will be provided for you to choose from, along with any photos and promotional information you may need. Feel free to contact me if I’ve missed something; like I said, this is all new to me.

1. It goes without saying, but you must not be offended by explicit erotica. My books are NOT fade to black and far from SWEET romance.
2. By joining, you promise NOT to promote my book(s) on any sites where people may be offended by sexual content — No promoting on children’s book sites or prayer groups, for instance. Yikes!
3. You must read the book(s) because promoting something you’ve never read isn’t as effective; your viewpoints are encouraged and you’ll be expected to leave a review(s) when the book(s) releases.
4. You must be nice to everyone in the group, no matter what. If someone is being a jerk, let me know and I’ll make them kneel on rice, or something equally unpleasant.
5. By joining, you promise to follow the rules and requirements.
Email address you’d prefer to use for promotional material. My email address is *
Kindle address (if you have one) *
Are you a blogger who likes to interview or promote authors and/or their books? *
What is your given name? *
If you’re an author, what is your author name? If you aren’t an author write N/A *
What names do you go by on social media ? (Please include your Facebook name) Write all that apply so I can follow you, if I haven’t already. I’m on Twitter, Mewe (rarely), Facebook, and Instagram. *
Please give the link to your Facebook profile so I can find you and add you to the chat when one is created. *
What do you like most about Pebbles’ books? *
Do you promise to promote Pebbles’ books multiple times, before and after a new release? *
Where will you be promoting? *
Do you promise to follow set rules and not post on sites forbidding posting of any kind and especially of erotic material? *
Do you promise to read Pebbles’ new book(s) before their releases? You’ll receive the book at least 30 days before the release. *
Where will you post your review of the book(s) after you’ve read it and/or on the date of release? *
Why do you want to join my street team? *
By typing your name below: 1. You’ll consider this to be a confidentiality contract. 2. You will not reveal the cover(s) before Pebbles has given you written instruction to do so. 3. You will not allow anyone to read your ecopy of the book(s) before or after release. TYPE YOUR NAME & DATE IF YOU AGREE WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT. *
Thank you for asking to join Pebbles’ team!
A limited amount of people will be chosen to join Pebbles Lacasse’s Street Team. If approved, you’ll receive an email.  As soon as a chat group is available, you’ll be added.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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