Florida Cares Charity Corporation Membership Questionnaire
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What is your incarcerated loved ones name and ID#? (we promise not to share this information, we only keep it in case someone contacts us concerning them through another incarcerated person who does not know how to reach their loved one) If you do not have a loved one who is incarcerated, please write this in and list your reason for wanting to join? *
In an effort to better influence laws that affect criminal justice and prison reform, we want our records to link the correct Senate and House District. What is your physical address? (we promise not to share this information with anyone it will only be used to look up your district and email you back with your district and the current candidates running in your district) *
Are you currently registered to vote? *
If you'd like someone to contact you about volunteering with Florida Cares, please let us know and we'll have someone reach out to you on this as well. Otherwise, be on the lookout for our email information on your legislative districts, legislators and our weekly updates on what's going on in Florida Cares and with our incarcerated loved ones in Florida's prison system.
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