July 12 &13 Push-In Services
INNOVATING FOR EQUITY: Workshop exploring a proven strategy to address Implicit Bias, Systems of Oppression, and White Supremacy Culture. This virtual workshop will use a Whole-School-Approach to explore adult biases that marginalize Black and Brown students, produce and maintain the opportunity gap, and support the "school to prison" pipeline. Who is encouraged to attend? Parents, agencies supporting student mental health, and any individual responsible for making decisions impacting students. Teams are encourage to attend.

February 6 & 7: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST each day.

Cost: $500 per person
$400 per person for teams of 5 or more
Whole School and District Training Available

* Learn strategy proven to reduce suspension of Black and Brown students
* Learn strategy prove to Increase instruction time for Black and Brown students
* Examine the impact of Implicit Bias on student outcomes
* Review elements of Systemic Oppression within your organizational structures
* Examine how Push-In Services can reduce disproportionality found in data
* Engage in a data exercise to develop a school wide plan for success

Participants will receive:
* Resource materials

Each school site has unique circumstances and the on-line support will act as a professional learning community and thought-partnership for challenges each participant may encounter.

Presented by ESSIEN EDUCATION GROUP @MichaelCEssien
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