Student Loaner Chromebook Request and Agreement
Renaissance Secondary School makes Chromebooks available to students under our Financial Aid program. This loaner program is intended to serve to those families for whom purchasing a Chromebook presents a financial hardship.

Typically, Chromebooks will be issued on a per school year basis and will must be returned at the end of the school year.

Chromebooks issued by the school are Renaissance Secondary School property.

By requesting a loaner Chromebook, students and their parents/guardians agree to the following:

1. Rules for Chromebook Use
A. Downloads and System Settings: Content downloaded to the Chromebook is acceptable only if it relates to coursework or Renaissance related activities. Unauthorized installation or copying of software is prohibited. Software and other tools used by Renaissance may not be copied, altered or transmitted without explicit permission from the school.
B. Email Use: Students agree to limit email usage to their DCSD issued email account; private email accounts should not be accessed from the Renaissance Chromebook. Emails with attachments from unknown senders should be deleted without opening. Chromebooks do not have much local memory for file storage; it is highly recommended that the student store files on Google Drive.
C. Security: Students have the responsibility to keep the school’s equipment secure. The school’s administrators maintain the right to remove any inappropriate content from a school-issued Chromebook. Students who are found to store inappropriate content on their Chromebook will be subject to disciplinary action from the school. The student will be responsible for ensuring that the Chromebook is not accessed by anyone without the student’s consent.
D. Chromebook Use: The student is given access to the Chromebook for use in school-related activities. Any activity that falls outside of that scope is prohibited. Students are responsible for storing files and other content securely.
The school does not provide backup services for information stored on student Chromebooks, and students are responsible for maintaining backups or another method for retrieving any content lost in the event of a Chromebook failure. The Chromebook may not be used to access any material that may be seen as offensive by others. The student will use school-issued Chromebooks only for school activities.
E. Privacy: Students should not maintain or transmit personal information using the school’s network, equipment, or facilities.

2. Device Replacement
In the event the Chromebook or its accessories, including the power card, are damaged and it is determined by the school that the damage was caused by negligence or misuse on behalf of the student, the student’s family will be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement, at a maximum cost of $225.00.

3. Policy Rule Enforcement
The school’s administrators may periodically monitor Chromebook usage to ensure adherence to this policy.
Students must inform school staff of any Chromebook damage, virus, data loss, or equipment failure.

Failure to abide by any of the above guidelines and policies could result in disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the school and local and federal laws.
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