Kilifi Roots Festival Volunteer Application
We need you to help make this first Kilifi Roots Festival an unforgettable one!
Whether it’s creating artwork, helping build, working bar shifts or helping supervise different aspects of the festival, we welcome a variety of skills and personalities.

This application form is a way for us to get to know you, your abilities, expectations and level of commitment.

Here's the Deal:
- Once accepted, join us anytime from the 18th March 2019
- If you join us prior to the 9th April you will NOT be obliged to work during or after the
- If you join us between the 9th - 14th April, you WILL be required to
work during the festival.
- If you join us after the 14th of April you WILL be obliged to work during the festival and for
clean up operations that run to the 27th April or until all is done and dusted
(we’ll all be tired and want to get it done swiftly!).
- Working during the Festival involves 3 x 6hr shifts (maximum) allocated by our team.

What we provide:
- A space to pitch your tent.
- 2 meals on site per day – breakfast & lunch. For dinner there’s great places in town you can
get really good food for cheap or you can prepare your own meals on site.
- We work 6-day weeks in the run up to the big event, you’re still welcome to have Sundays off.
- Festival ticket and 1,000Ksh drinks vouchers.

Just so you know…
For those working during the festival and afterwards – recovery day on the 22nd April then clean-up operations 23rd-27th April. For these individuals, there will be a deposit that must be paid for up front on arrival and will be reimbursed after the job is done to ensure all volunteers keep up their end of the bargain.

Working groups and tasks will be set by us, please include your skills, superpowers and unusual uses in your application. Upon arrival and getting to know you, we will put you to good use!

Help us make Kilifi Roots magical!
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Motivations and Interests
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