Night Noodle Markets - Stallholder Application Form
Thanks for your interest in being a stallholder at the Night Noodle Markets. These events are managed by Stuff Events.

Auckland - November 29 - December 8, 2019 (10 nights)
Christchurch - February 7 - 16, 2020 (10 nights)
Wellington - April 17 - 26, 2020 (10 nights)

Opening Hours:
Auckland 4pm - 10pm daily
Christchurch 4pm - 10pm daily (Christchurch has one day that opens at 1pm)
Wellington 4pm - 9pm daily ( weekends will be 3pm - 9pm)

By completing this form and the stallholder agreement you acknowledge that you are applying for an event / events, but does not guarantee acceptance. The event organisers will review all stallholder applications and agreements before providing site confirmation to successful applicants via email by the end of September at the latest.

For further information re event fees. Please email Event Manager Vanessa Fleming :

All site fees include: security staff, Electronic Payment Facilities (POS, printer(s) & payment terminals), gas connection, wash up stations (for rinsing only) and waste management.

Single Stall
- includes a 3x6 or 6x3 metre space (dependent on location);
- 2 x 10amp power points;
- 1x 1000 litre double door fridge or 700 litre chest freezer;
- fascia name signage (as per name in registration form);
- 3 trestle tables.

Double Stall
- includes a 6x6 metre space (dependent on location);
- 4 x 10amp power points;
- 2x 1000 litre double door fridge or 700 litre chest freezer
- fascia name signage (as per name in registration form);
- 6 trestle tables.

Food Truck ( no Food Trucks allowed at Wellington venue, but can operate as a single or double stall)
- 2 x 10amp power points
Events & Stallholder Size
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Please note: If you require a sign, the name you provide will be printed in CAPS (MAX 25 characters including spaces).
Food Trucks and stalls not requiring a sign: Please still provide us with your trading name for the event for marketing purposes. To really stand out we recommend that you bring your own signage and theme your stall. We do not print Menu signage. You must provide this. However we will provide exit, entry, pay here and cashless signage.
Name of Stall (This will be displayed as the Stall name in Title case) *
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Please ensure that you enter your menu items and descriptions as clearly and as accurately as possible. What you submit on this form will be what is added to the event menu on our website and social media platforms.

We suggest keeping your menu simple & authentic. Please list 2 - 4 dishes you would like to sell at the Night Noodle Markets. We find that 2-4 items is optimum. One of these items should be gluten free if possible. Please state what option is gluten free and whether you have a vegetarian option. We also encourage a noodle dish. We encourage you to have a range of pricing from $5 - $15.

Please note: All menu items will need to be approved by Stuff. Once approved these menus will be the items you are obligated to sell at the Night Noodle Markets. Any changes or additions will need to be resubmitted to Stuff for approval.


Please note: By providing us with your menu item, dietary requirements will assist with the promotion of your stall and increase your stall's sales opportunities. These need to be correctly filled out as Stuff will not be responsible for any dietary issues you may experience on site.
Menu Item 1 - Name *
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Menu Item 1 - Description *
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Menu Item 1 - Price *
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Menu Item 1 - Dietary Requirements *
Menu Item 2 - Name *
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Menu Item 2 - Description *
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Menu Item 2 - Price *
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Menu Item 2 - Dietary Requirements *
Menu Item 3 - Name
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Menu Item 3 - Description
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Menu Item 3 - Price
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Menu Item 3 - Dietary Requirements
Menu Item 4 - Name
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Menu Item 4 - Description
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Menu Item 4 - Price
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Menu Item 4 - Dietary Requirements
Stall Requirements
Chilling Requirements (1000Ltr Double Door Fridge or 700Ltr Chest Freezer) *
Gas Requirements *
Gas bottles: How many will be in use in your stall at one time? What size are they? How many bottles a day do you anticipate you will use? *
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What cooking equipment will you be using? *
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Are you cooking with smoke? *
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Will you require a forklift to help unload any stock deliveries? *
Power Requirements
All equipment is to be tested & tagged before coming to site (including fire extinguishers and blankets).
Single stalls & trucks will receive 2 x 10amp power outlets
Double stalls will receive 4 x 10amp power outlets

Changes to power orders must be requested 2 weeks prior to bump in. Please contact Stuff to make any changes. Changes are subject to availability and late fees.

Note: All electrical items must be tested and tagged prior to coming onsite, any items that are not tagged will be turned away. This is in your best interest to assist in avoiding any operation delays prior to opening. If you do not get your equipment tested and tagged prior to coming on site you will be required to remove it from site to get it tested and tagged.
Do you require more than the provided 2 x 10amp power outlets? (This is an extra cost). Please state what extra power you need. *
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