Support Black Women Submission Form
In an effort to support Black Women effected and displaced by Hurricane Harvey & Irma, Dr. Roni Dean-Burren is coordinating a list of Paypal/ links to make available for direct giving to Black Women in need of support.

Please complete the form below if you are:
1) A Black Woman or Femme
2) Experiencing hardship/displacement due to Hurricane Harvey/Irma in the Houston or Miami areas

Houston area coordination is being done by Dr. Roni-Dean Burrent
Miami area coordination is being done by local organizer Brittany L Williams

NOTE: Submissions will be vetted before being shared. Please allow up to 24 hours in order for your name to appear on the public list.

If you are looking to make a donation visit:
Location *
Please indicate whether you are in need in the Houston TX or Miami, FL area
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Paypayl/Venmo/ details *
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