Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #01
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Aequitas nunquam ______ leges.”
Hint: Equity never opposes the law. To supplement, and not to contravene, is its object.
1 point
“Aequitas factum habet quod fieri ______.”
Hint: Equity looks upon that as done which ought to have been done.
1 point
“Actus Dei nemini facit ______.”
Hint: The act of God causes injury to no one.
1 point
“A verbis legis non ______ est.”
Hint: The words of the law must not be departed from.
1 point
“______ non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea.”
Hint: The act itself does not make a man guilty, unless his intention be so.
1 point
“______ nemo se debet, nisi coram Deo.”
Hint: No one is in duty bound to accuse himself unless before God.
1 point
“Acta ______ indicant interiora secreta.”
Hint: Overt acts make known latent thoughts, or Acts indicate the intention.
1 point
“Actio ______ moritur cum persona.”
Hint: A personal action dies with the person.
1 point
“Ad ______ facti non respondent judices; ad questiones legis non respondent juratores.”
Hint: Judges do not decide questions of fact ; the jury do not decide questions of law.
1 point
“Actus me ______, non est meus actus.”
Hint: An involuntary act is not one's own act, i.e., an act done against one's will is not such person's act.
1 point
“Actus curiae neminem ______.”
Hint: The act of the Court shall prejudice no man.
1 point
“______ non ducit sed sequitur suum principale.”
Hint: The accessory does not lead but follows its principal.
1 point
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