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Are you still giving your breast milk to your baby? *
How long did you feed (or plan to feed) your baby with your breast milk (both pumped and/or directly breastfed)? *
How frequently did you use the pump? *
What kind of breast pump(s) did you use? *
Select all that apply
Did your breast size increased during your pregnancy? *
What is your cup size (at the moment if you are breastfeeding, or when you were breastfeeding in the past)? *
Did you choose to wear a bra, or to remain braless while you were lactating? Why? *
Why did you decide to use a breast pump? *
For example: I had to go back to work, my baby preferred a bottle, my partner wanted to share in feeding, etc.
Were you able to attend to your baby and do house chores while pumping? If NO, what prevented you? If YES, how did you do it? *
How comfortable did you find using your breast pump? *
I barely noticed using it
It was extremely uncomfortable
Did you have to massage your breast to get more milk out during pumping? *
Did you have any pumping-related injuries or discomforts? If YES, what were they? *
Example: Sore back, sore nipples, pain the the hands, carpal tunnel, etc..
What did you do when the second breast began to leak while you were using a pump on a first one? *
Did you have to use milk absorbent pads on regular bases when you were lactating? If so, was there anything that you disliked about them? *
Did you choose to wear a bra, or to remain braless while you were lactating? Why? *
Did you pump at night? If so, what was your experience? *
How frequently did you have to pump milk outside of your house? *
Example: at the office, at the airport, in the park, at the restaurant, etc...
Where did you use your breast pump when out of the house? And how did it make you feel? *
Example: special mother's room, toilet, car, out in the public, etc..
Were you able to use the breast pump while working at your usual place of employment? If NO, what prevented you? If YES, how did you do it? *
What do you wish you could do whilst pumping (in a world wear pumps are discrete, silent, and not plugged into a wall) that you can't right now? *
Was pumping more or less efficient than your baby in getting milk out of your breast? If so, by how much? *
Did you reach let-down (moment when the milk flows unstoppably) quicker with the pump or your baby? *
For how many days or months did you use you breast pump? And why did you stop? *
How did using you breast pump make you feel? *
For Example: sexy, tied to the wall, like a cow, liberated, etc..
What was the best thing about using your breast pump? *
What was the worst thing about using your breast pump? *
If you could go back in time to before you started breast-feeding and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? *
Overall, how did you feel about using your breast pump? *
I loved pumping!
I hated pumping!
Thank you for sharing your expereince! Your contribution will make a difference to all future moms!
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