Southern Cup 2018 - Sign Up Form
This form is intended for everyone participating at the Southern Cup 2018, either as a player, playing volunteer or a non-playing volunteer. The deadline for signing up as a player has passed, but you can still submit this form before 17/11/2018 23:59 in order to participate in the tournament as a volunteer.

This form consists of player sign ups, volunteer sign-ups for certified and non-certified volunteers, medical information, and the misconduct policy.

The form concludes with a medical survey that is a continuation of the surveys carried out at the British Quidditch Cup 2018 and Development Cup 2018.

Email address *
First and last name *
Please include only your first name and surname
Are you signing up as a player or a non-player? *
Please select the player role if your team is registered to play at the Southern Cup 2018, unless you are certain that you will not be playing for your team. Only people who have signed up as players will be eligible to play at the Southern Cup.
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