Do You Want to Be In The Thirty One Club?
This is a little questionnaire to help me find 6 ladies who will be my next 6 Club Members! This is for a fun group of 6 ladies who each collect orders for or purchase just $35/month for 6 months (August - December 2018). In return you will get:

* A package containing catalogs and a gift from me.
* Happy mail from me EACH month.
* Find out FIRST what the next customer special is each month and have the ability to take advantage of it before it sells out.
* A randomly assigned month to get all of the Hostess Benefits as the Hostess of the month!

It is going to be a blast and you get special treats each month. It allows you to get your holiday shopping done on a budget! Or stock up for the gifts you need like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation and baby showers, Mother’s Day, Easter etc….while getting hostess rewards too!! You are not required to have a home party BUT we will have a Facebook party. It is a great way for you to collect more orders to help your total go up during YOUR month to be a hostess. The first SIX ladies get the spot!!!

The first lady to sign up to do a Home Party in conjunction with the VIP Club gets to choose her month, so sign up now! PLUS, you will get a $10 credit to use in June or July.

SO…basically…either YOU can place an order, or use the VIP Grab bag I send you (full of catalogs and order forms) to share with your friends and collect one $35 order a month! In turn, one of those months YOU will earn all hostess benefits and get to stock up on all those gift-giving things you need to buy anyway!! :)

Fill out the survey below if YOU would like to be part of the HOLIDAY VIP Club!!

What is your first & last name? *
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Would you like to get a Happy Mail package in YOUR mailbox? (Or are you totally content with Junk Mail and Bills?) ;) *
***Check out the VIP Packges currently packed to go to the Fabulous Hostesses!!!***
Are you a Thirty-One addict and need just one more bag?!! *
BEST part is the NEW Fall/Winter Catalog will be starting in August. The products will be showcased at our National Conference in July. YOU will be the first to receive a copy of the catalog!
Are you a collector and would love to have a complete set of matching products? * *
Are you a woman on a budget who completely understands the sense of splitting up any purchases to just $35 per month? Would you like to prepare for Christmas or just organize your linen closet or pantry? *
Do you have ZERO budget for this, but see the opportunity to collect just ONE order per month from a friend or coworker who WOULD purchase? This would set yourself up for the month of FREE Hostess Rewards! *
Does this Thirty-One Gifts fun tempt YOU to do try join me? If you've EVER thought of it, I'd LOVE to talk with you and show you what it's done for me. I have been with them for 7 years. The part-time hours has allowed me to work from home, manage my MS, travel, make new friends (GOOD friends) all over the US, and get out with my girl friends when I need to! If I said you could have the ability to do the same, would you give it a try?? Talk to me! I'm living proof! :) *
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this survey! Please feel free to give me any further feed back, I love hearing from you.
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