Burgerology Trivia Sundays
Hi, all! NYC Trivia League Team here! In an effort to reduce waste (yay!) and germ-spread (double-yay!) we are going to try and pivot to digital answer sheets.
1.) Instead of using an answer sheet + pen, all you have to do is fill out this form on your phone!
2.) One cell phone out per team, please. This is the honor system here, and we know it's extenuating circumstances. Please be respectful and DO NOT CHEAT.
3.) When it was usually time to hand in your paper answer sheet after each round, you'll just click the purple "SUBMIT" button at the bottom once you're finished.
4.) You'll be directed to a new page, and make sure to click "Submit another response."
5.) We will do this five times total, once per round. Please only submit *once per round*.
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