School/District PLTW Leader of the Year
2019 Massachusetts Awards
Nomination Form
The School/District PLTW Leader award recognizes an administrator who was a champion of bringing PLTW to the school/district and actively supports the PLTW program and teachers. Not only are they visionary and supportive, they also contribute to the MA PLTW Community by attending the annual PLTW conference.
Nominations are due before June 14th, 2019
- Winners will be announced at the 2018 PLTW MA State Conference at WPI on October 21, 2019.

- Note: Self-nominations are accepted.

Please provide the following information about the nominee for the School/District PLTW Leader.
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Describe in detail how the Nominee was a champion of bringing PLTW program(s) to the school/district. *
Detail how the Nominee participates in the annual PLTW conference and their role at the conference. *
Attach documentation that shows all PLTW teachers in the school/district vouch that this administrator provides them the needed support. *
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