2018 Fair Housing Summit Breakout/Panel Session Proposal Submission Form
The 2018 Fair Housing Summit will take place April 2 - 5, 2016 in Austin, Texas. The summit seeks a comprehensive discussion centered on the continuing effects of the Fair Housing Act, including the history of housing practices before and after the Act’s passage; current models of fair housing policies and practices; and opportunities to continue and improve fair housing for the next 50 years.

The deadline to submit your abstract is December 15th. You will be notified by Monday, January 16, 2018 if your panel/presentation has been selected.

TOPICS THAT CAN BE ADDRESSED (but not be limited to):
Diversity of approaches and experiences of protected classes;
Housing policy and issues of affordable housing;
Fair housing compliance and legal updates at both state and federal levels;
Benefits of equity assessments;
Exclusionary and inclusionary zoning;
Construction and Design innovations to fair housing;
Regional assessments and the geography of fair housing;
Families with Children and the occupancy standard;
Housing Bias Impacting Gender and LGBTQ ; and,
Expanding access to opportunity Through Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.
Disability Challenges and Opportunities

The conference is recommended for academics, lawyers, housing agencies, advocates, housing counseling staff, community based-agencies, and housing providers discuss comparative perspectives of equitable housing practices, outline policies and trends in the provision of “fair housing, and reflect on the differences in circumstances and approaches in different locales in the United States and the world.

Conference organizers are inviting proposals for both panels/presentations addressing any of the above topics. Please submit your abstracts via this portal or email it to FairHousingSummit@austintexas.gov.

1. Submissions must be received no later than 5:00 pm CST on December 15, 2017
2. Only electronic proposals will be accepted.
3. Notification of acceptance will be sent out in late-January in order to give you ample time to refine and prepare for the presentation.
4. If accepted, please note that no honorarium or travel expense reimbursement will be provided for any presenter and/or agents related to the presenter unless otherwise previously arranged.
5. Standard audio/visual equipment will be provided which includes LCD projects, screens, podiums, and microphones (where necessary) upon request. Computers, TV/DVD players, phone line/internet access, or other A/V equipment will NOT be provided. If needed, it will be the responsibility of the presenters to make arrangements with Austin Community College's Office of Equity and Inclusion. Flip charts will be available upon request.

1. Relevance and interest to participants
2. Timeliness
3. Quality, clarity, and completeness of submission
4. Presenter’s expertise/experience

For more information about the conference, email FairHousingSummit@austintexas.gov.

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