Extracurricular Choir Interest Survey
Headwaters, in cooperation with the Rappahannock County Public Schools, will be starting an extracurricular chorus program, if sufficient interest exists. The chorus would perform two main community concerts, in December and in the spring, with the possibility of other concerts throughout the year, as well.

No previous singing experience is required; however, a commitment to attend rehearsals and concerts would be expected once rehearsals start in the fall.

This will be a great opportunity to learn or build musicianship skills, develop or enhance your stage presence, sing a varied repertoire of music, and work with a group to produce something that will bring joy to you and others. (It will also allow you to add another interesting experience to scholarship or college applications.)

Please complete the following so that we can gauge interest and plan schedules. By completing this form, you are not committing to the program yet (though we hope that you will in the fall). We simply want to gauge the level of interest.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We hope to see you in chorus in the fall.


Kevin Brandriff
Executive Director, Headwaters

PS: Each interested student should complete a survey, rather than multiple family members completing a single survey. Thank you for your cooperation.

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