SHUX '19 RPG Roost Game Submissions
Hello! Thank you for your interest in SHUX's RPG Roost space (hosted in conjunction with the Alexandria RPG Library)! SHUX will take place from Oct. 4-6, 2019, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We're excited to see everyone's interest in sharing our passion for tabletop RPGs - whether this is your first time running or you're an experienced game organizer, we're so thankful you've decided to do so with us.

First, let's get your email address, so we can contact you with any questions about your submissions.
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About This Form
By filling out this form, you are requesting to be a Game Host in the SHUX Show's RPG area (known as the RPG Roost). The Roost is a space with approximately 10 tables designated as set aside for tabletop role-playing games. Game sessions submitted via this form will be aggregated into a master RPG schedule that will be posted on-site.

This Google Form will only be utilized pre-show, and will no longer accept submissions after September 27th.

Submitting a game through this form is not a guarantee of acceptance. Game descriptions will be reviewed for content, schedule conflicts, and other considerations. Your sessions will be confirmed via email no later than the week before SHUX '19 takes place.

After your sessions are approved, we will add entries for them to the SHUX '19 Community Organized RPG Geeklist (at Players with BGG accounts will be able to reply to these entries to sign up for games. Then at SHUX, sign-up sheets will be made available at the RPG Roost Admin table, where any attendee may sign up for any remaining open slots.
But I already self-submitted sessions on the RPG Geeklist. Should I still fill out this form?
Yes, please! You won't need to add your session information again, however, this form also records Game Host information, in the event that we need to contact you during the show, resolve table reservation conflicts, and also have you indicate that you've read our Safety Agreement.
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