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The Research Center is an indexed collection for blockchain resources. In a community based approach, resources on Distributed Ledger technologies are collected, indexed, described and linked. The result is a filterable and searchable knowledge base of high quality block chain sources. It can contain everything from relevant news sites, podcast secret tips to scientific papers. Help us fill the library of sources!

Contribution guideline:

1. Stay on topic: Please post and discuss topics relevant to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
2. Focus on quality: Please only provide high quality and well founded sources
3. Give more than you take: What makes a community amazing is when members are more focused on helping each other than helping themselves. Any kind of advertisement or affiliate links will not be published.
4. No hate speech or bullying: sources that contain critical content like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your contribution to make blockchain resources more accessible!

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