Transportation Request 2020-2021
Our school system offers limited bus service for students who live in the City of Cape Coral. The bus transportation provided is designed in accordance with Lee County transportation guidelines. Routes, pick-up and drop-off times and locations will be developed prior to the start of school. Parents will receive notification of their student’s bus assignment when it becomes available.

You must complete a separate form for each child in your family that is requesting transportation.

Deadline is end of business day (5:00 pm) on June 15, 2020 for guaranteed transportation for the first day of school. If you miss the deadline, transportation cannot be guaranteed for the first two weeks of school.
Is your child a new rider? *
My child attends the same school as 2019-2020 and I live at the same address. I would like to keep my bus route for 2020-2021.
My child is not a new rider, but my address or school changed and I need a new bus route.
My child is a new rider and I am requesting a bus route for 2020-2021.
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Student ID Number (This number can be found in Focus.)
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Completing this form does not guarantee your child will receive transportation for the upcoming school year due to limited services. Do you understand this statement? *
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