Marlin Auto Club Registry
Welcome to the Marlin Auto Club, INC. car registry form.  Information collected in this registry is not released to companies or business for solicitation or other uses.  The Marlin Auto Club, INC. Executive team and members are interested in knowing how many Marlins are still in existence and want to help create resources for those interested in preserving the 1965 - 1967 AMC Rambler Marlins.  If you own a marlin or several marlins, please register your marlin here.  We also hope you are interested in joining the Marlin Auto Club but membership is not required to participate in the registry.  Any information you have on a Marlin produced by  AMC Rambler is helpful in knowing what marlins are still out there and/or no longer exist.

If you are interested in more information about the Marlin Auto Club, INC., please visit our website at  If you are interested in joining our club, the application for membership can be found at this website:

We look forward to learning more about your marlin(s)!  If you have any questions about this registry or need further information about our club, please feel free to contact us.  Our contact information can be found on our website.  

If you are missing any information below (such as a missing door tag), please list "missing" in the appropriate box.


Mark Zeno
Marlin Auto Club Board Chairman
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What year was your Marlin produced? *
Model year can be found on the driver side door tag.
What is the VIN number for your Marlin? *
VIN number can be found on the passenger shock tower.  Include all letters and/or numbers listed on the VIN plate.
Body #: *
Found on the driver side door tag. Starts with a "R"
Model #: *
Found on the driver side door tag
Trim #: *
Found on the driver side door tag
Paint #: *
Found on the driver side door tag.  List both codes if your Marlin is two tone.
Paint color Top/trunk *
(Note, if vinyl, list black and select vinyl as option from list below)
Paint color Body *
Build #: *
Found on the driver side door tag.  Starts with a "W"
What Condition is your Marlin in? *
Select a number from the below that describe your Marlin's condition.
Engine Size *
Carburetor *
Options your Marlin came with or you have added to it.
These would be any factory/dealership options your Marlin came with OR any additional modifications or additions you added to the vehicle.
Other information about your Marlin
Please provide a history of your Marlin.  When did you buy it, were you the first owner, what is your story about the vehicle, etc.  Any information you would like to share about the vehicle would be helpful in tracking the history of the Marlin.  If you have a digital picture you would like to send in to be included with your registry, please send the picture of each Marlin submitted to
Demographic Information about Owner
This is optional information about you as the owner.  This information will not be shared with anyone outside of the Marlin Auto Club, INC.  
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
This is your preferred mailing address without city, state/providence, zip, or country code
State/Providence *
Zip Code
Phone Number
Home phone and/or cell phone
Facebook Name
The Marlin Auto Club, INC. has a facebook group and can add you if you list your facebook account name here.
AMC/Rambler Clubs you belong too!
List any and all car clubs you have active membership with.
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