Foothill Alumnae Chapter Arts and Letters Inventory
Thank you Sorors in advance for filling out this Arts and Letters Inventory. The purpose is to gauge your experiences and interests in artistic expression in order to plan a variety of fun, stimulating, and impactful activities showcasing the arts. If you have questions regarding this survey, feel free to contact Soror Latosha (MSLRGUY@GMAIL.COM) or any member of the A&L Committee. There are 15 questions.
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1. What is your name?
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2. What is your occupation?
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3. What is your age range?
4. Do you consider yourself creative?
5. Of all of the artistic expressions: visual; performance: dance; dramatic &spoken; musical; film, which do you most enjoy and why?
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6. Describe your experiences with and connections to arts/letters expression (work in an artistic setting; you are an artist/designer; patron, memberships; hobbies, etc.)
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7. Would you consider teaching or sharing your expertise/artistic talent with Chapter members?
8. Would you consider teaching or sharing your expertise/artistic talent with members of our Youth Initiative Groups (Academy/Gems/Embodi)?
9. Have you visited a museum in the last year?
9b. If yes, name the museum below:
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10. Which of the following artistic activities would you MOST like to do this year? Select your top three.
11. My favorite musical genres are:
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12. My top four favorite singers/musicians are...
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13. Which of the following statements most reflects how you view the arts?
14. Which day/time would be the easiest for your participation in an Arts and Letters Chapter Event?
15. In order to have the greatest impact on our Chapter and our Community, the Arts and Letters Committee should......
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