Lowbrow Antics Ambassador Application Form
This form is to apply to become an Ambassador for the brand Lowbrow Antics. Please read carefully before applying:

- As an Ambassador, you would receive access to products you were interested in wearing at no cost to you, in exchange for creating 1-2 posts a month to help advertise Lowbrow Antics on social media.
- Posts can be made on Tiktok or Instagram, must be professional, showcase the product clearly, and have Lowbrow Antics tagged in an effort to bring new customers and followers to the brand.

-Free products could include jewelry, keychains, home decor, art prints, clothing, and other accessories. You will also be entitled to one custom order a year, which can be used for custom illustrations, home decor, or jewelry pieces.

-You must have at least 2k followers, and a demonstrated past of consistent and quality posting on social media platforms.

-Interest in cult film and tv is a huge bonus - being able to show you are interacting with others around these topics on social media is even better.

-Looks/Style are not a concern - the real desire is to find ambassadors who have a true passion around the films I make designs for. It means much more to me that you would be exceptionally excited to have these pieces, talk about them, and show them off to others with likeminded interest. I am not looking for any particular fashion sense or style preference here - just that you like the product, and wear & share them as much as possible with other cinephiles <3
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Why do you want to be an Ambassador for Lowbrow Antics?
If given the opportunity, do you have any ideas for photo sets you could take with our currently offered products? If so, please state which product and your idea for the photo set below:
Which products would you be comfortable taking photos of wearing or using? (For example: Earrings, Smoking Goods such as Ashtrays, Keychains, Home Decor & Art Pieces in your Home, Clothing, Bags, etc.)
Are you capable of producing at least 2 photos on a monthly basis, featuring a Lowbrow Antics product?
What is your current follower count?
Which Social Media Platforms do you use regularly?
Are you comfortable fully showing your face in photos?
What equipment do you currently have available to you to take photos and/or video? (if it's just a phone, that's okay! We love a good selfie.)
How would you describe your aesthetic?
Where are you currently located? (No need for specifics, just need to know if you're in the US! If you're local, we may be able to get together to create content as well.)
Which Lowbrow Antics piece is your favorite?
What are your top 5 favorite films?
Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself? I'd love to hear it!
Do you have experience doing promo work for any other companies/artists/products?
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