Homeroom Time Capsule
Remember these are questions that 'Senior You' is answering. Don't answer it based on the present. Instead- predict your future. (I'm assuming Name, and short ID won't change.... )
Last Name, First name *
Student Short ID Number *
What College/Jr. College/ Job are you headed to attend after graduation in June. *
What school did you get into that you decided to turn down? *
What are you going there to study *
(If you don't have a declared major- list what field you are going to study)
Who is your best friend? *
Which one of your friends are you no longer talking to? *
Whom did you take to prom? *
Are you Dating Anyone? *
(Senior Year 2nd semester)
If Yes- How long have you been together. *
Who is your Favorite Band/Group? *
What kind of music do you like? *
What do you want to do, or what do you want to be after you leave UNI *
Favorite class you took at UNI from all four years *
How Many AP exams did you take? *
Do you have a whole new set of friends since Freshman year? *
What is your GPA? *
Do you have a pet? *
What is your Favorite color *
What is the lowest grade you got in any class? *
What was your highest SAT score? *
Who is your favorite teacher? *
Who is your least favorite teacher? *
(If you dare to answer this....)
How many times have you change phones since freshman year? *
What phone do you currently Have? *
Are you keeping a secret for friend that would totally get them busted if anyone found out.? *
Is a friend holding a secret for YOU that would totally get YOU busted if anyone found out. *
Ask a question for '4 year from now Mr. Johnson' to answer about himself? *
Give a Piece of Advice for NEXT YEAR'S freshman Class
(Remember this is for THREE years from now- so they will be Freshman the year after you graduate.
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