Class Placement Questionnaire
As we reflect on this past school year, we really tried to focus on growth in all areas of our school environment. In looking forward to next year, we would like to continue this mindset and apply it to the creation of class lists. To do this, we would like to get parent input into what you think would be the best classroom environment to help your child(ren) grow. Please follow these directions when completing this questionnaire:
1. Complete one form per child.
2. Do not list specific teachers by name.
Your input is very important to us as we create class lists. Please know that while we will reflect on every response that is submitted, this is not a guarantee that all requests will occur. Please complete this survey by May 23rd. Thank you,
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Grade Level (for the upcoming school year-2019/2020)
Describe the learning environment in which you feel your child learns best.
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List one or two friends that you feel would be beneficial for your child to have in the same class.
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List any student (s) that you feel would NOT be beneficial for your child to have in the same class.
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Please list the previous teachers your child has had here at Perry Harrison:
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Has your student been placed in a combination-grade level class prior to this year?
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