2021 Olde Point Resident Application for Boat Ramp Access - Harbour Village Yacht Club
2021 information
The ramp and parking lot are for the use of Harbour Village Yacht Club members and registered Olde Point property/lot owners only. Only vehicles with current year decals are authorized to use the boat ramp and parking lot. Unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Annual boat ramp passes are available to Olde Point property owners for a fee. Only members of your personal residence may use your key fob. Allowing others to use your fob is cause for deactivation and loss of use of the boat ramp.

Boat ramp permits for 2021 are $250.00 per set, which is for one tow vehicle, one boat, and one boat trailer owned by the Olde Point property owner. For the same property owner who has a second tow vehicle, boat, and trailer, an additional set is available for $250.00. For the same property owner who does not have a second tow vehicle but has a second boat and trailer, an additional set is available for $125.00 and is valid for one boat and one boat trailer. Proof of Olde Point property ownership and proof of ownership of the tow vehicle, boat, and trailer is required. 2021 boat ramp passes are valid until March 1, 2022, and fees are not pro-rated.

For 2020 ramp pass holders, ramp pass permits must be renewed by March 1, 2021. Late renewals will incur a $50.00 late fee.

With your approved application and payment, decals and key fobs will be mailed to you, or, if necessary, by appointment only. You will need to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.
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By Completing this Application and Submitting it
You acknowledge that all the information entered, is the information of the legal Resident of Olde Point at the address provide below.
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Section 2 - Tow Vehicle Information Only ( Place Stick-on on Left Rear Window)
Only for Vehicle that will be towing the boat
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License Plate of Tow Vehicle *
Section 3 Boat Trailer ( Sticker must be placed on left side of Boat Trailer Tongue
Section 3 Boat Trailer ( Sticker must be placed on left side of Boat Trailer Tongue
Make / Model of Boat Trailer *
Boat License Plate
Section 4 Boat Information (Sticker must be placed on left side of Boat
Boat must be owned and registered by the Applicant of this Application
Make of Boat *
Model of Boat *
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Boat Registration *
Name (if you Applicable)
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Vehicle Insurance Informaiton on Vehicle and Boat
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