Social Pricing
In filling in this form, you will be sharing full details of your situation such that, we are allowed to evaluate your financial - lifestyle situation so that we could give you and your family the appropriate social pricing to join us in our initiatives.

The information you share with us here will be kept confidential. All information collected in this application will only be used to verify and ensure the application of Social Pricing goes through accurately.
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Process of Social Pricing Application
Social Pricing Mechanism, is a system set in place to adjust the price of most Coach Darren LLP initiatives so that learners from different socio-economic background can enjoy the program.

We believe in the quality, passion and energy of our programs, but we also believe that the world will be a better place, if we all share.

Applicants will have to be interviewed by our staff if required, after submitting the application for the social pricing scheme.

Once the interview is completed, applicant will be notified about the amount that he/she will be paying for the program after adjustment. It will fit in adequately, with the family financial situation.
*Adjustment ranges from 95% to 5% of the full value.

We believe through listening and understanding face to face, we can achieve what tons of form submission would not be able to.

Children should be given the opportunity to experience and enjoy the world we live in, and not lose that opportunity because we can’t bridge the economical gap.
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