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Hello everyone! I believe that education is a privilege that each individual should be given; a fair opportunity for everyone to have a chance to prove to themselves that it is important and valued as a breath of air. Those who have that privilege should be willing to share it with others; therefore, I ask you to support us by becoming a Volunteering Diversity Ambassador. In this role you get the opportunity to share your educational privilege and academic experiences with prospective students; they might even become your future colleagues. Some of the rewarding experiences you can participate in would be as follows:
• Writing note cards and making phone calls to prospective students of color
• Giving campus tours to prospective students and their parents
• Taking a student to class with you
• Most important, inspiring prospective students of color to believe that they can accomplish the same as you!

If you are willing to join us by supporting us in this endeavor, you will be that extraordinary soul who sees the value of education for all.

On behalf of the Admissions Office, we look forward to working with you.

Richard Haynes
Associate Director for Diversity
Office of Undergraduate Admissions Office

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