ConfiHome Survey
Questionnaire for small business owners
Do you think that presented app prototype has the potential to promote your business?
What feature(s) within the app would help in reaching that goal?
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Do you believe recommendations from current clients bring new ones?
Do you think that "foot traffic" influences the condition of your business?
Would you consider using a tool that supports efficiency of foot traffic, whisper marketing in order to promote your business?
If no, do you still see the reason for your business to be visible within ConfiHome app? If yes, why?
If yes, for what reason?
If you don't see the reason to use the application, tell us why?
What kind of further features would you like to see within such app? What is missing?
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What do you like about this app?
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What do you dislike about this app?
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Name of the company?
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Branch/type of product/service *
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E-mail address *
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