Thrive's ESL Scholarship Application-2022 Summer Session
Please answer all questions honestly and completely.  Your information is confidential with Thrive's administration.  At times, we will ask for documents to support your answers before making a decision about a scholarship.
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Do you live within 45 minutes driving distance from Williamsport?  Scholarships are typically for those who live in this area.  
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How many people live in your house and share income/expenses.  Include children and adults. *
Do you, your husband/wife, or your children (who live with you) receive any government benefits like cash assistance, medical assistance, food stamps, or public housing?   If yes, please write the type of assistance.
What is the total monthly income for your household each month after taxes? (This is the amount you actually take home in a pay check, government assistance, social security, child support, alimony, etc.  Include income from ANY type of work.)   *
Are you living in a homeless shelter or do you have other unusual financial challenges?
Thrive asks students with scholarships to attend 75% of classes and complete all homework each month to continue to receive a scholarship in the next month.  Can you regularly attend class and complete homework? *
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