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ERCcOMICS, coordinated by Sorbonne Université in partnership with the French communication agency La Bande Destinée, is the result of an ERC call for proposals aiming to highlight projects and researchers funded by the ERC in novel ways, across Europe.

ERCcOMICS is a creative and ambitious 4-year project which exploits the power of visual storytelling through webcomics to promote and explain the achievements of ERC funded projects and the benefits of the ERC funding scheme for technological and scientific development, as well as for society as a whole.

Each webcomic is the result of a close cooperation between the ERC grantee, the ERCcOMICS team and a comic artist. Depending on the subject, the webcomic could be a fictional or documentary story of any genre: science fiction, historical, thriller, autobiographical. Before publication, each webcomic will be validated by the researcher, so as to guarantee its scientific accuracy.

The webcomics will be widely disseminated through a great variety of communication tools and channels.

Following this expression of interest, three ERC projects will be selected and featured in webcomics of approx.50 pages each. These will be published in 10 chapters over a period of one year.

Additional ERC projects may be selected for shorter comics and illustrations that will be published on ERCcOMICS website and social networks.

If you want to participate in this adventure, please take a moment to complete the information below by MAY 31th, 2018.

We will communicate the selected projects in September 2018.
If you have any question or want to send more details please contact us at

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