CRW2020: Registration Form for Detective Riddles
Welcome to Club Recruitment Week 2020! The activity Detective Riddles will be held on August 4, Tuesday at 3 PM to 5 PM. The password of the Zoom Meeting will be sent to your e-mail after you register here. We will be expecting you!


1. The participant will answer in the chat room. The first one to get the answer correctly in the chat room will earn a point. Your points will be tracked by an assigned SC aspirant.
2. The first round consists of five riddles, the second round has four, three for the third round and final round.
3. The participants will be ranked based on their points. The top half of the participants will proceed to the second round, the top one-thirds of the second round will proceed to the third round, and the top one-fourth will be able to play in the final round.
4. The host will announce the participants who may proceed to the next rounds.


1st place - 100 pesos load.
2nd place - 75 pesos load.
3rd place - 50 pesos load.

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