RR Leadership Cohort Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in helping support New Church's racial reconciliation journey! God uses His people to accomplish His purposes, and we are excited you are open to be a vessel for Him around this important topic! Below is more context of what to expect:

1) This is an opportunity to experience our curriculum (4 sessions) first-hand and in diverse community.
2) After the four sessions, we will debrief the experience from a leadership/facilitator perspective (date TBD).
3) You would be paired with a co-leader and receive coaching support to then offer the same curriculum that you experienced to a new, small group of people. Because we will have multiple leadership pairs, this will enable us to reach more people who are interested in engaging in this journey of racial reconciliation.

Because we are intentionally keeping this group small, having a goal of diversity on many levels, and being mindful that this is a special leadership role, we may or may not be able to accommodate everyone this summer. Please complete the questions below.

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It is extremely important you are able to attend all 4 sessions. Please confirm that you are able to attend the following dates by placing a check mark on the dates you are free. All are Mondays, from 7-9pm. *
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