What is your stress level today?
The questions below will help indicate to you which of the tips are best suited to reducing your type of stress. This assessment is anonymous. Cumulative data is analysed by Noworeez in order to understand which tips to provide, and on which topics, in order to benefit most people. When you click on your results at the end and look at your answers, you will find links to the tips that will best help you based on your answers.  If you do not want to complete this right now then return here to get general tips and advice:   https://noworeez.com
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The stress barometer.  Find your score
 1. Which describes your day today? *
1 point
2. Is this how you usually feel or are you more stressed and anxious than normal? *
2 points
3. What are you worrying about? Tick any that apply *
Most people have concerns about some areas of their life. This question helps assess how much worry you have today.
16 points
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Financial matters
Physical health (non Covid)
Substance or alcohol abuse
Covid 19
Mental Health
4. My stress or anxiety is specific to certain situations and I would describe myself generally as a calm person who is not usually nervous *
2 points
5. Recently stress has affected my sleep : *
2 points
6. Recent stress has affected me physically *
2 points
7. Recently stress has caused me to change my actions and avoid situations that I need to or should attend or carry out *
2 points
8. I feel anxious about checks or rituals that I feel I must carry out *
2 points
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