Vacation / Sick Time Notification Request
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Please note that all Vitality Fitness Members:

- MUST cancel any pre-booked classes during the time requested, in order for the credits to be valid.

- Are allowed 4 weeks of vacation time per 6 months of membership (a 1 year membership = 8 weeks of vacation time).

- Are allowed flex classes, as a way to make up last minute cancellations for valid reasons. Members are allowed (1) "Flex class" per 2 months of membership (a 1 year membership = 6 flex classes), but MUST notify us within 24 hours of missing the class.

- Are not allowed to claim more Credit / Vacation time , once your original Vacation Credits have been applied to your account. You cannot get "credit time on credit time".

If you take lots of vacation time, and more than the allotted amount please email us, as we can customize your membership to work with this and ensure you are getting full value for your money.

Effective February 2019 we will be allowing members to use up vacation time/flex classes within their membership, before it expires. This will give you the opportunity to come more frequently within your membership, if you choose to, in order to make up vacation time.

You must choose whether you want to make up vacation time at the end of your membership, during your membership, or you can use a mix of both.

Once you have made your submission, you cannot revise your submission. Please indicate in the form below how you would like to use your vacation time.
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