Women & Entrepreneurship in India: 2016
This survey by Women's Web (www.womensweb.in) is meant to review the landscape of women and entrepreneurship in India today and arrive at an understanding of what we need to grow further. Please take this survey only if:

a) You are a woman who runs a business (of any size)
b) Your current place of residence is within India

How old were you when you started your current business?
What is the highest level of education you possess?
Which city are you currently based in? (or where you spend most of your time)
For the last financial year (ending March 2016), your business revenues were in the range of:
How many employees does your business have currently (including yourself)?
Which industry does your business belong to?
When you started your business, what was the nature of the founding team?
What were the biggest reasons that led you to start your own business? (Do not select more than two options)
What are your biggest challenges at present? (Do not select more than two options)
What was the amount of capital that was needed to start your business?
How did you raise start-up capital during your first 2 years of operation? (Do not select more than 2 options)
What would aid you in achieving your major goals in the next 3 years? (Pick the most crucial one)
Tell us to what extent you agree or disagree with each of these statements.
Strongly disagree
Somewhat disagree
I don't have an opinion either way
Somewhat agree
Strongly agree
A woman starting a business in India faces more challenges than a man
Knowing other women who run businesses is a big support for women entrepreneurs
Being a woman impacts my decisions on how large/fast my business should grow
A woman can mentor another woman better than a man
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