Social life in the public spaces
The social life of the public space - who comes here to rest/ gather/ interact - at what time of the day and for how long.
Local name for the public space and the neighbourhood in which it is located (For eg., Manekchowk, Khadia; Assi ghat, Banaras) *
What time is the space more active? *
User groups on the site *
Activities that the space facilitates
What are the sitting options available in the space?
Are there other ways in which people use this space?
Does the social activity disrupt or interfere with any other activities in the surrounding area? Are there any negotiations/arrangements between users?
Is there any other public space nearby such as a neighbourhood park/maidan/garden or an indoor public space like a shopping complex? If yes, does it affect the daily footfall and/or activities around the public space? *
If you have photographs which capture this public space, you can share them with us by uploading them on the link given below:
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