VMQG 11th Anniversary Postcard Swap!
We're reviving the Winter Postcard Flurry for Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild's 11th Anniversary this June!

Since we're celebrating VMQG, we'll be swapping postcards made using the guild logo colours and incorporating modern quilting design elements. Mail from quilty friends is the best mail!

Sign ups will run from April 19th to April 30th. You'll get your partner's mailing info by May 5th, and then you'll mail your postcards by June 1st at the latest. At our anniversary meeting on June 21st, we'll have a special show and tell to share all of the postcards that we received.

The VMQG logo Kona colours are Nightfall, Kumquat, Aloe, Wasabi, and White

Modern Quilting Design Elements include: Use of negative space • Minimalism • Bright and graphic color palettes • Improvisational piecing • Alternate Grid work • Asymmetry • Modern traditionalism • Pixelization
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amy dame is the person coordinating this swap, anything else you want them to know?
feel free to email amy at amyamydame@gmail.com if you have any questions!
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