Chicagoland Backyard Poultry Survey
20 questions to help us learn more about backyard poultry keeping in the Chicago area.  A chance to "get on the map" if you wish, or not if you don't.  No identifying information will be shared or published without your permission!
Tab or click to move between fields, return or "submit" when done.  Full sentences are not needed but please be clear.
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1) Do you keep backyard poultry now in the Chicago area? *
2) How many do (or did) you keep at one time? *
Be specific about kinds of poultry: chickens, ducks, etc.
3) What breeds do you have or recommend from your experience? *
4) What are your estimated monthly costs to keep poultry? *
5) What are dimensions (approx) of your total property? *
eg 25 x 125 square feet
6-a) What are dimensions of your coop and run? *
6-b) Describe features of your coop and related systems *
Basic function, special aspects?
7) What responses have you received from neighbors or passersby about your poultry? *
8-a) What are (or were) your reasons for keeping backyard poultry? *
eg eggs, connection to food, education, pets, garden fertilizer, sustainable lifestyle, other?
8-b) What are your thoughts or plans for your birds after they stop laying? *
9-a) What challenges do (or did) you experience in keeping backyard poultry, and how have you handled them? *
eg space, constructing adequate coop/run, sources of supplies, managing smells, managing manure, winter care, summer care, health issues, end of life, noise issues, flies, rats, predators, neighbors, regulations, other?
9-b) If you are not keeping backyard poultry now, what is the primary reason? *
type "n/a" if you have poultry now
9-c) Knowing what you know now, would you start keeping poultry? *
10) How have you learned about backyard poultry and what sources of info do you recommend? *
11-a) Are you willing to talk with your city council member and staff about backyard poultry? *
11-b) Please elaborate: what support you request, why you prefer not to, or their response if you've already met with them
12-a) Do you keep any other urban livestock? *
12-b) Do you want to keep other urban livestock, and if so which?
13) What CITY or TOWN do you live in? *
14) Your zipcode *
If in Chicago, which NEIGHBORHOOD do you live in?
16) We are working on a comprehensive UNPUBLISHED map of Chicagoland poultry keepers -- if you are willing to put your street address on the map, please provide below.
17) Please provide your name and email address for verification and follow up. *
18) Will you help to "hunt and peck" for people keeping livestock in your area and do some CHI-CHICK-ENS OUTREACH? *
19) Are you interested in joining a CCE speakers group? *
Presentations, tabling at events, etc.
20) Any other thoughts, comments, or questions?
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