Exeter Gymnastics Club Free G Blasts 2018
Exeter Gym Club Free G Blasts are a great fun way to 'Release your Freedom' and develop personal performance with confidence. Both club member and non- members may attend the Blast and their level will be accommodated in the training programme.

Free G Blast General Points, Rules & Regulation Points:
1. The Exeter Gymnastics Club Free G Development Plan Programme will be used to support the session planning.
2. Free G Blasts are supervised and conducted by coaches qualified to the standards of the British Gymnastics Association.
3. Free G Members must conform to the Exeter Gymnastics Club Membership Rules and Codes of Conduct.
4. Everyone attending a Free G Blasts must have completed this application form and be on the attendance register of the session and providing a contact number before they start training. They must also hold a current British Gymnastics membership which can be joined via their website www.british-gymnastics.org.
5. Free G Blast Sessions will be structured and include periods of free time. Members attending must not attempt or work beyond their ability during these periods without the support and attention of a member of the coaching team.
6. Exeter Gymnastics Club reserve the right to cancel any Free G Session, -as much advanced warning will be given as possible.

Free G Blast Fees:
£15.00 cash, payable on arrival.

Participation & Social Media Agreement- Gymnastics activities have an inherent risk of injury and although the club will endeavour to minimise any risk, accidents may still happen. It is incumbent on all members to abide by the safety rules and codes of conduct at all times. The participant/parents are required to ensure that the member is physically fit and healthy to participate in any club organised event, particularly after illness or injury.
In accepting participation in the club events, I understand the element of risk and I am willing for my child to participate and will adhere to the safety rules and codes of conduct of that event. I also understand and agree to the operation of the Club CCTV policy covering the reception, viewing area and the training areas. I also agree to the recording of performances for training analysis.
I agree to the recording of results of any club event on the club Facebook and Instagram news page or I will inform the club and organiser if I do not agree to this.

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