Thank you in your interest in our product's wholesale program! We'd love to learn more about you, your shop and the interest you have in our products and give you some information on our program.
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Wholesale Minimum - 10 bottles

TRY OUR TRIAL WHOLESALE 40% DISCOUNT ($10 retail profit/bottle)
We offer an introductory wholesale of 40% off your first wholesale order to all new wholesalers to try our products in your shop. After that, it will be tiered based on quantities purchased.

Your first order must include an equal quantity of each blend. After that, any combination of scents is permitted for restocking purposes.
We provide a display and infographic material for our Sellers. If you purchase 10 bottles wholesale, we require a deposit of $20 for the display and materials. If you purchase higher buying quantities there will be no additional deposit required. All of our displays are on loan to be returned at the conclusion of any wholesale agreement.
Let us collect some information about your buying quantity interest. This can be changed later. :)
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Here's some information about our blends. If you would like samples, please let us know.
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Mellow Vibes - Calming, mild blend that is very grounding with notes of vanilla. Apply for a relaxing aromatic experience, good for the beard and the soul.
The Wild Frontier - Bright, uplifting citrus scent that has rustic spice overtones. Great for your morning wake-up routine or anytime!
INGREDIENTS: rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, natural botanical extracts
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