CT100 Lifesaver Award Nomination Form
This form is used to nominate First Responders acknowledges first responders who performed lifesaving skills on a patient/victim in respiratory arrest* or full cardiac arrest* which resulted in the patient resuscitated and returned home alive. Nominations may include patient, family, department, and community testimonials, commendations and relevant media articles.
NOTE: All nominees must be active or retired first responders from Johnson, Somerville, or Hood County, or the City of Mansfield.

*Arrest: the heart and/or respiratory functions have ceased

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Please describe in detail information regarding the livesaving incident/service for which the individual(s) is being nominated. Include at a minimum 1) date of incident; 2) city/town/county were the incident occurred; 3) type of livesaving service provided; 4) circumstances of the incident. *
If you need additional space and/or would like to submit a pdf/doc file providing details, please email cara@ct100.org, News articles, portions of 9-11 transcript, department and community testimonials, etc, may also be submitted via email.
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