Applications must be completed by August 13, 2020

This form is for parents/guardians to request enrollment in Walters Public School Virtual School Learning Option for the 2020 Fall semester. Approval for this option is for an individual student and is subject to approval by school administration. An appeal process for any student who is denied approval will be available. Please complete this form ONLY if you are requesting to participate in the Virtual School Option through Walters Public School for the fall 2020 semester.

Upon acceptance into the Virtual School Option parent/guardian and students will be required to complete a Walters Virtual School Learning Option contract. Students accepted into the Virtual School Option will be required to attend school for standardized state testing. If students wish to participate in extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school district and governed by OSSAA, they are required to attend school for the appropriate class hour that activity is offered. Students are also required to adhere to all district and state rules regarding scholastic eligibility, attendance, and behavior.

This program has come at a cost to the district. The student will NOT be charged for this service; however, limitations and regulations will apply.

The parent and student must commit to a full semester if this option is selected. Students will be provided ten (10) school days to opt-out of the Virtual School Learning Option and enter the traditional school setting. Once that ten (10) school day period has ended, the student must commit to the Virtual School Learning Option for a full semester.
Devices and connectivity will NOT be provided by the district. They will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
Textbooks, when necessary, will be provided by the district.
This option must be deemed educationally appropriate.
A Walters Virtual Learning Option contract must be completed and turned in for EACH child that is accepted into the program.

If a family desires this option, please complete a single form for each student. Once completed you will be contacted by a school official after the application is reviewed.
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Do you have reliable, daily access to the Internet for your student to use to complete the course work? *
Will the student have reliable, daily access to a device (not including a cell phone) to access the Internet? *
Will a parent/guardian/adult be available to assist the student with virtual lessons? *
Please provide the name of the primary parent/guardian responsible for monitoring virtual learning at home: *
In order to take part in the Virtual Learning Option, the child must have access to the Internet and a device to perform the online tasks of the program. By typing your name, you are certifying that you understand you will need to provide the Internet service and device for your child to perform online tasks required by this program. *
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