10 Minutes with Jackie Coleman (via Lessons_By_Jackie)
Do you want to make progress and permanence in your musical understanding and playing? Oh, I have great news for you!

I specialize in fixing problems, starting beginners, or simply advancing students in their orchestras or small/solo ensembles on a variety of instruments. Different styles of learning require customization to individualized needs. Set-up is key! Many who spend less on the local neighborhood teacher/musician will find "Jackie's Shortcuts" pinpoint and solve technical issues quickly, clearly, and e-sufficiently. You can actually save money (and time) mastering the muscle memory to play things correctly rather than traditionally practicing over and over again ineffective things. One of my gifts is helping individuals grasp the theory behind music in a "fun"-ctionable way that makes sense and is enjoyable, exponentially advancing sight reading, ear training, and improvisation. You will make connections visually, aurally, and tactically to free yourself to play the way you want. Children learn through a color-coded and child proven method that not only sets the stage for success, but aids them through the reading process. I offer solid skill advancement for those who have halted their progression, want a little something to spark their interest or motivation, and/or would like both reliability and flexibility in their training. I have openings for private and group instruction with options in person or online.

Interested in a trial lesson? Contact me today for your "10 Minute Lesson with Jackie."

What's included:

- Opportunity to meet and greet each other online
- Assessment and feedback of playing (if student has prior experience)
- Question and answer of materials, goals, and guidance needed

Please fill out the entire contact information section, and I will contact you to make an appointment.

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