Input on a Resource Library at Sustainable Concordia
We are currently in the process of researching what resources on environmental, social and economic sustainability exist at and around Concordia, in order to assess the community's needs for a sustainability resource library. The outcome of this project will depend on what we find. Help us out by telling us what you know, and suggest resources (books, zines, digital and other media) you would like to see in the library. Input from non-students is welcome. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you feel like. Thank you, your input is greatly appreciated!

Sustainable Concordia definition of Sustainability:
Sustainability is the process and outcome of achieving social justice, economic equality and environmental health by reducing our ecological footprint & empowering communities

Concordia University Definition of Sustainability:
Sustainability at Concordia is a mindset and a process that leads to reducing our ecological footprint and enhancing social well-being while maintaining economic viability both on and off campus.

Do you know of any resources on environmental, economic and social sustainability that exist either at Concordia or in the community?
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Following question 1, do people know about these resources? Can they be accessed?
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Do you see a need for a Sustainability Resource Library on campus?
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Do you have any input or insights on what this project could look like?
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Do you have suggestions of resources (digital, books, zines, online etc) that you would like to see in this library?
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