SDID 2019 Survey
We would like to use this information to help us improve our chapter going forward. Thank you for your help!

P.S. - There is more than one section, but it takes under 5 minutes to complete. :)

If you'd rather give feedback in person or over the phone, get in touch with Sara:
Are you NEW to San Diego Indivisible Downtown? *
How did you find the San Diego Indivisible Downtown chapter? *
What type of events have you attended with SDID? *
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Which type of event are you most likely to attend in the future? *
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Your key issues: *
Which of these issues are still important to you, or important to you at all? This is NOT an exhaustive list, but these are the values our chapter chose to focus on in 2018 (More info: Please add your own using the "other" option.
What is your top priority for our group in 2019?
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What’s your preferred method of communication with Indivisible? (Where do you prefer to get information?) *
What channel do you use to keep up with current events?
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Are you connected to Indivisible on social media? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
In what capacity would you like to be involved with Indivisible? *
Choose all that apply. (At the end of this survey please include your name and contact information if you would like us to follow up.)
Are you a member of other Indivisible chapters or related political/activist groups?
If so, feel free to share which ones here, and in what capacity you are involved. (Leadership, member, occasional participant, etc.)
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Event logistics
Which of the following is crucial to you when it comes to scheduling our chapter meetings and other events? Which of the following impact your ability to participate in our events? (Choose all that apply)
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