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The Revitalizing All Marshfield and Plainfield (RAMP) process will focus in on four key initiatives that emerged as priorities at the May 23 community meeting at Twinfield. Task forces are now forming to push these initiatives forward. Please sign-up below for the task force(s) that most interest you.
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Task Force Descriptions
Support And Strengthen Both Village Centers and Improve the Route 2 Corridor Travelling Through Both Towns
Downtown Marshfield and downtown Plainfield are key hubs of economic, social, and cultural activity. The health and vitality of both communities depends in part on the vibrancy of these two places. Route 2 also plays a critical role in defining both communities, bringing many visitors and lots of fast-moving traffic. This task force will come together to develop and implement a plan to ensure the long term health of the two community hubs. This task force will also work with Vermont's Department of Transportation and other partners to improve the route 2 corridor with a focus on the well-being and livability of both communities and village centers.

Build A Farm And Food Network In Marshfield and Plainfield
This task force will work to build a farm and food producer network. This network may work to facilitate sharing of resources, farm-based events, mentorship, land-matching/sharing, shared marketing, re-invigoration of the farmers’ market and other opportunities.

Improve Transportation Options to Increase Mobility, Reduce Costs, and Reduce Emissions in Marshfield and Plainfield
Transportation represents a major household expense and a major contributor to Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions. This task force will work to develop new alternatives to increase flexibility while also decreasing costs and emissions. Based on the preferences of those gathered at the Community Meeting, this task force will focus on:
- Developing innovative ridesharing initiative(s)
- Increasing local options to reduce travel needs
- Making both towns great places to walk and bike
- Promoting electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
- Retaining and improving public transit options

Reduce and Transform Energy Use and Increase Renewable Energy Generation For Homes, Businesses, Twinfield School, the Towns, and Other Intuitions
This task force will work with partners to assist home owners, renters, businesses and community institutions in reducing energy use, using renewable energy, and fuel switching. Based on the preferences of those gathered at the community meeting, this task force will focus in on:
- Developing and implementing incremental and do-it-yourself approaches to bring home retrofits and solar generation within reach of more residents
- Weatherizing low income and rental housing
- Unleashing the power of neighbor-to-neighbor connections to promote energy alternatives and provide support to those who are ready to proceed
- Implementing a campaign to promote modern wood heating
This task force may also work on engaging youth, increasing utilization of existing financing and programs, developing one or more community solar projects, exploring new financing tools, and tackling school and municipal energy use.

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