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This is a sign up sheet for the upcoming series utilizing the Street Stock cars. Note that the number you request below doesn't necessarily mean you will get that number, I recommend putting 2, 3 or even more requests in for a number just in case you will be unable to get your first choice. You can not race until this form is filled out. Also make sure your name on Discord matches that of your iRacing profile (without the number if you are like me, Kyle Emery2) and include your car number. (ex: Kyle Emery #18) If you need the Discord info just message us on facebook, iRacing or email.
Name (As is on your iRacing profile) *
Requested car number(s) (Please put at least 3 in case your first one is already taken). *
Team you're racing for or Free Agent? *
Realize when signing up to join the Road Runner iRacing League you are expected to follow the rules created by the community admins. The rule book can be found on our website at These rules may be changed at any time and you will be notified via Discord when such changes take place. You are not required to be in the community Discord, but it is up to you to keep up with rule changes. (It is recommended that you get in the Road Runner Discord Server, if you need an invite let me know. My name is Kyle Emery2 on iRacing.) If there is a rule, a fellow competitor or something else you do not like about the league, we encourage that you let an admin know and we can discuss it. This does not mean that any changes will take place, but it does guarantee that it will be looked into further. FINALLY, we like to see opinions and drama associated with the racing, it encourages competition on the track. However, we do not tolerate hate speech on the league as a whole or fighting/bullying in any league group chats or the Discord. That behavior will not be tolerated. We, and so should you, expect everyone to be somewhat professional. This means that we understand this is not a workplace and don't expect everything to be perfect, but we do expect you to take action in a respectful manor. If you understand the above please type your first and last name below to complete this sign up form. *
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